The Atheist Perspective

Not all gods are removed from the picture if evolution is true. Evolution alone does not establish naturalism. What the evidence of evolution proves is that no god created or guided the formation of any living thing we see today. That considerably limits what kinds of gods could still exist.

The God of the Bible, for example, is flat out refuted: the Bible describes a six-day creation of instantaneous events roughly six thousand years ago; the evidence confirms billions of years of gradual development; the Bible describes fruit-bearing trees being made before animals; the evidence confirms animals long predated fruit-bearing trees; and so on.

Accordingly, there is no single item of evidence that is "strongest" in refuting the existence of certain kinds of gods. What is strongest is the vast accumulation of vast quantities of mutually reinforcing evidence confirming that evolution by natural selection is the cause of all existing species of life. In other words, all the evidence, as a united whole, is what's strongest in removing certain gods from the picture.

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