How can chaos create order? That's impossible without intelligent direction. Atheism is emotional, not intellectual.

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The Christian Perspective

Precisely: atheism is emotional, not intellectual.

Atheism denies any rational source for our intellect, thereby denying the rationality of rationality. It prohibits any possible reason for reasoning. It necessitates an absolute rejection of justified belief and thus, a rejection of intelligence altogether.

Imagine if all of our thinking processes and all of our conclusions, if the whole human intellect, were the result of nothing more than an accident, and not rationally and intentionally formed. Our conclusions would then also be accidental and therefore rationally unjustified, not unlike the conclusions of a magic 8-ball or the roll of a die.

What if you asked me what 2 + 2 was, and to answer your question I pulled out a die and rolled it? While it may be true that one-out-of-six times (on average) I may get the correct answer, my method would be completely devoid of logic and reason. This method of coming to conclusions, while it may under some circumstances produce correct results, can never be called either intellectual or rational, even when it accidentally works! Rather, such a method is patently absurd -- utterly irrational.

That is, it is patently absurd and irrational unless I knew that someone rational were directing the outcome, and doing so intentionally to provide me with a reasonable answer. This is of course equally true for absolutely any method of arriving at conclusions.

Methods of reasoning that claim unintentional accidents and a lack of reason and logic as their foundation and justification are irrational by definition. Atheism, in all of its forms, demands irrationality as the foundation for our conclusions. As the scriptures indicate, atheism is the promotion of utter foolishness (Psalm 14:1).

Were atheism actually true, none of our conclusions could hold any more rational value than the answer from a magic 8-ball.

Christianity, on the other hand, acknowledges that all things that occur are intentionally caused by our rational creator God (Isaiah 44:24; Ecclesiastes 11:15; John 1:3). There is no such thing as pure random chance, no such thing as a complete accident -- no such thing as absolute chaos. Some occurrences may be accidental with respect to each of us in the sense that we ourselves did not intend them, but nothing occurs without intelligent direction in the ultimate sense, since an intelligent God is the creator of all (Colossians 2:3; 1 John 3:20; Psalm 104:24).

The expansion of the universe is planned and directed by our rational Creator. The rotation of the moon around the earth is orchestrated by our intelligent Sovereign. The evaporation of water, the movement of the tides, the explosion of every volcano, each of these things is rationally designed to the smallest detail by the same God who provided our own first principles. If this were not the case, we could have absolutely no rational justification for assuming these events to be noncontradictory, or for assuming our first principles have any rational interpretational value regarding the events around us. It would be literally impossible to have a single rational thought about any of these things if their complete rational orchestration were not first established.

Fortunately, it has been! (Genesis 1:1; Colossians 1:16)

When we humans pretend our actions and thoughts are not orchestrated by our rational Creator, when we try to claim independence from the One who causes our every movement, when we stubbornly refuse to acknowledge our complete dependence on the One who causes our stubborn refusal...

God laughs at us (Psalm 2:4).

However, when we turn from our own self-glorification and acknowledge and apologize for our wicked and rebellious behavior, God has promised to grant us forgiveness through His Son, Jesus (Acts 17:30; Acts 2:38; Romans 10:9). Instead of promoting foolishness and pretending rationality can find it's justification in a lack of rationality, we can actually be at peace with God through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ!

If you are not a Christian, I encourage you to turn to Christ. You can read more about God's offer of forgiveness in the book of Romans.

May God grant you a new heart (Ezekiel 36:26).

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Atheist View

The Atheist Perspective

Chaos actually necessarily entails order. The larger the chaos or the longer it seethes, the probability of that chaos randomly producing order or becoming ordered approaches 100%. It would actually require intelligent interference to prevent this from happening. Not the other way around.

This can be shown mathematically. Any random chaos that is left to seethe for any given unit of time has for that unit of time a nonzero probability of becoming ordered to any degree equal to P(order). As time continues, that probability increases (just as the more often you get to roll a pair of dice, the probability of eventually rolling boxcars increases), according to this equation, where u equals the number of units of time we wait (the length of time the chaos continues chaotically seething): P(order|time) = {1-[1-P(p)]^u}.

If you play with the equation, you will discover that as u increases, the probability of the desired order arising by random chance approaches 1 (which is 100%).

Thus, chaos + time = inevitable order. In fact, any degree of order you want. The more order requires the more time. But given nothing to stop it, time is infinite. So all possible order is the inevitable outcome of any chaos. No intelligence required.

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