The Muslim Perspective

I'd think that the pedophile would be sorely disappointed. First, though a virgin is under the care of her father, even he must seek her permission to marry her to anyone. Second, in Shari'ah, as well as nature, defines a child as being prepubescent and having sexual intercourse with such a child would be harmful, both physically and psychologically - something which is not allowed in Islam. So in America, a pedophile would be hard pressed to find a father/guardian willing to marry his child daughter off; and even harder pressed to find a child who would be in agreement with such a union. However, if he were to find that rare opportunity, he would have to postpone intercourse until she was physically a woman in order to prevent harm to her.

The irony is that in America children are increasingly becoming sexually active at earlier ages - without marriage; teen pregnancies, some without even knowing who the father is - without marriage. Do we live in such an immoral society that we somehow accept that our kids are out there fornicating, but cringe at the honor and preservation of lineage that marriage provides? I'm sorry but America needs to return to preserving the honor of our families.