Since there can be no evidence for something that can't be measured, is it at least fair to say that there is no empirical evidence for god, and therefore no reason to believe he exists?

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It is not fair to say such because empirical evidence does not define existence. The flaw in this type of logic is that it assumes that something does not exist if it is not scientifically proven. Following this way of thinking we would be led to believe that atoms did not exist until the 19th century, that the various species of plants and animals on earth did not exist until they were discovered or that the celestial bodies of the universe came into existence because they were seen with the Hubble telescope. You can't measure emotions or even life itself, so this logic would propose that these matters don't exist until experienced. This would be an absurd conclusion that is itself more incredulous than the claim you assert against the belief in God.

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If there is no reason to believe something that can't be measured, why would anyone believe that "there is no reason to believe something that can't be measured"?

This argument is self-defeating. If we accept it, we must apply it to itself. Once we apply it to itself, we see that it does not meet its own criteria. Then, we must reject it.

In other words, if we accept your argument, we must reject your argument on its own terms.

I hope this is clear.

God bless.

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