If you accept the theory of evolution, only with god as the starter of it, when did souls come into existence?

Atheist View

The Atheist Perspective

God did not start evolution and there is no soul. Unless by "soul" all we mean is "mind," then science has confirmed that that is entirely the product of a physical brain (and thus dies with the brain), and that this brain evolved by natural selection over millions of years, without any intelligent guidance, from a long line of living beings that also evolved by natural selection, ultimately from the first and simplest self-replicating organism, which arose by chance accident on earth roughly four billion years ago.

Pinker on the Evolution of the Mind

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Christian View

The Christian Perspective

The Bible is clear that human beings did not evolve from other kinds of creatures. The Bible states in Genesis 2:7 that "the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being."

The creation of man from dust is confirmed in numerous other places in scripture including Genesis 3:19, Job 34:15, Psalm 104:29, and Ecclesiastes 3:20 and 12:7.

The reality of the first man Adam is confirmed in numerous passages as well including Romans 5:12-21, Luke 3, and Genesis 5.

The biological evolution of human beings from other kinds of creatures, therefore, is utterly rejected by the first-hand, personal testimony of the One who created us. Further, as we would obviously expect from scripture's rejection of this concept, evolution can also find absolutely no support in either science or logic and should be abandoned as tenable by any thinking individual.

The only actual evidence ever presented in favor of evolutionary biology, contrary to the claims of its advocates, can only be found in forums such as the National Enquirer. In contrast to this, if the Biblical God is not real, the laws of logic cannot be trusted, science therefore becomes impossible, and all knowledge of any kind must be rejected.

The Historicity of Genesis

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