Is there a question to which you all would give the same - or almost the same - answer?

Christian View

The Christian Perspective

I certainly can't speak authoritatively for the opinion of anyone other than myself, but it seems to me that everyone can easily be convinced to agree that if something is, then it is; and also that nothing can both be and not be at the same time and in the same way. In other words, the Laws of Logic are valid.

An interesting point to note, however, is that holding to the Laws of Logic can only be rationally justified under Christian assumptions.

Under atheism, every conclusion we draw and every belief we hold to is nothing more than the product of a random accident.

Polytheism insists that things that are may not be, making the Laws of Logic invalid under polytheism.

Pantheism equates God with the universe, demanding that multiple parts are all equally ultimate, thus prohibiting any kind of universal authority and denying the rationality of universal truth claims.

Unitarianism rejects the idea that God is His own reason for His actions, thereby rejecting a rational God altogether, falling into the same irrational trap atheism demands.

Any Monotheistic worldview without a divine atoning sacrifice insists that debts can actually be paid by one who has nothing to pay debts with, again making the Laws of Logic invalid.

Christianity alone stands coherent, allowing for the possibility of knowledge via the validity of the Laws of Logic.

Why Christianity?

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