The Christian Perspective

There are several assumptions made in this question. The first assumption made, is that God actually does this.

I'm not convinced that God does do this, because I'm not convinced that these things happen as described. I haven't seen any evidence for it. Granted, this website does not allow for very lengthy questions that could include evidence, but regardless, my point is that I see absolutely no reason to accept the question as asked.

However, even if we were to accept that God does actually do this, another assumption the questioner seems to make is that it is somehow wrong for Him to do so.

If in fact God does these things, then doing them ultimately brings Him glory. Thus, it seems to me that it would be extraordinarily difficult (if not impossible) to logically and coherently explain how such a thing could be wrong for Him to do. If God could be morally wrong, there could be no such thing as a moral right.

Ultimately, this question is really just another version of the famous "why do bad things happen to good people?" question, which only finds an acceptable answer in Christianity. Christianity states unequivocally that there is no one who is good (Romans 3:12, 3:23) and that we all deserve death for our actions of rebellion against God (Romans 6:23). In spite of this, our gracious God has offered us forgiveness through the shed blood of Jesus Christ (Romans 6:23; Hebrews 9:22).

So, it seems to me that a better question would be: Why does God condescend to reveal Himself to irreverent, dishonest, rebellious creatures, and further, why does He go so far as to pay our debt for us and offer us a full pardon?

The answer of course, is that God is good.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?