The Christian Perspective

The short answer is that all of our worldviews, yours and mine and everyone's, are determined by God (Romans 9:18; Ephesians 1:11).

But I suppose this answer then leads to the question, "what method did God use to cause you to have the worldview you have... did He do it by giving you knowledge or by causing you to believe apart from knowledge?"

The Bible teaches that we all have a knowledge of some basic theological truths. Namely, we all know that there is a God. We all know that He is perfect and worthy to be praised. We all know that there are certain things we ought to do and we further know that we do not do as we ought. These are things that we all know (Romans 1:18-21, 2:14-16).

So knowledge imparted to me by God played a big part in the development of my own personal worldview, as it does in the worldview of every Christian.

This knowledge led me to a desire to repent and to be made right before my Creator. Not everyone responds to that knowledge in the same way (John 10:27; Romans 1:18). Your response depends upon how God designed you (Romans 9:21).

However, I was unable to repent and to be right before my Creator. The more I matured and recognized the moral code my Creator had written on my heart, the more I found myself in sin (Romans 7:21-24).

When God finally transformed my heart to enable me to accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ instead of the Lordship of Timothy McCabe, Christ's genuine forgiveness for me came as truly "good news" (this is what "gospel" means).

It makes no sense to worship or serve anyone other than the One who atones for all of my sin, an offer no one else has made.

Christ has offered to pay the fines for the crimes of anyone who will honestly seek Him (Romans 1:16), and He always keeps His promises (2 Timothy 2:13).

God bless.