The Atheist Perspective

Naturalism has no holy books. We reject even the very concept of a book that is sacred and infallible. Such an idea is inherently illogical and self-defeating.

As soon as you classify any source of information as sacred and infallible you can never discover if what it's telling you is in any way wrong. But if you forbid yourself from ever discovering if what it's telling you is in any way wrong, it will be able to deceive and mislead you with 100% success. In our own self-defense we cannot make ourselves so vulnerable. It's simply foolish, because we can never ourselves be 100% certain any source is truly infallible, no matter how holy it may seem to be.

Thus we must protect ourselves from such error by adopting a method and approach to all evidence that will have at least some chance of defending us against being misled or deceived. That means we must allow any source of information to be wrong, and thus must constantly test it, and be willing to reject it if it ever proves harmful or incorrect.

The Argument from Holy Scripture