The Atheist Perspective

We believe everyone should pursue their own happiness without infringing on anyone else's pursuit of it. To that extent, as long as you make choices based on benevolent values that will help you get along with your fellow human beings while achieving a fulfilling, joy-filled life, do as you wish.

In practice, this will mean you should seek your own financial security, a career that you enjoy, and an ethical life of some use and benefit to society, and if you obtain a considerable surplus above and beyond those needs, you should employ your excess resources in some way to the public and future good of all humankind, to the extent and in a way that you enjoy.

Some naturalists disagree on how much you will benefit from not being excessively selfish, but science confirms that a life lived with minimal attachment to luxuries and in a way that makes yourself not only secure and healthy but useful, productive, benevolent, and generous, and not harmful or onerous or parasitic, will be a life you will enjoy more than any other.

Foundation for a Better Life