The Atheist Perspective


...Humanists accept that we are responsible for our own futures and that this life is the only life we have. It is up to all of us to make the most of it and to help others do the same. Humanists inspire us to use our power of reason and our natural feeling of compassion to help create a better world in which each of us can reach our full potential.

Yes, for the simple fact that Humanism was designed specifically for the purpose of increasing human well-being by valuing personal and economic freedoms, autonomy, creativity and the pursuit of knowledge by being free to go where the evidence leads - NOT to appease a deity.

Pretty much every deity in history is depticted as holding some key to human flourishing in their remit, be it fertility, agriculture, rainfall, love, military success, etc., and have required appeasement or obedience for that gift to be granted to [ii]]mere humans.

Whereas in Humanism, humans themselves are the focus - not the whims of anthropomorphic magical beings who have not and can not be objectively observed to exist. This mode of analysis then allows humans to be free to explore the natural world via the tools of science and research and to come to conclusions that best allow humans to live longer, happier and healthier lives.