The Atheist Perspective

No. Attempts to drum up evidence from near-death hallucinatory episodes and legendary tales fail to pan out when investigated. Once we clear the decks of all false information, there is no evidence left. All the evidence we do have is that consciousness absolutely depends on a working brain. Therefore, take away that brain, and you take away consciousness.

That means even consciousness of nothing. Thus, death is simply ceasing to exist. You will not experience it. You therefore need not fear the end of all fear. Live because you love life, not because you fear death. And if you don't love life, use the life you have to fix what's wrong with it so you can love it enough to enjoy being around. Because this is the only chance you'll ever have to do so.

See Hallucinatory Near-Death Experiences and read the section on the nature of the mind in Sense and Goodness without God.